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Our Story

The Hindu community of Hampton Roads can be really proud of completing 24,000 square feet of Temple Complex on 10 acres of waterfront land. It is indeed rare for a small community consisting of some 500 families to accomplish such a feat. The Hindu religion is not simply a religion of rituals, since it integrates culture and religion into our daily lives and our Temple Complex will provide a focal point for the religious as well as the cultural activities of our community.

We wish to thank all the members of our community and hope that we will flourish in our religious and cultural endeavors at the Temple for generations to come. We should all make use of our beloved Temple to unite our community.

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Upcoming Events

  • Events on August 3, 2014
    Date / Time: 10:00 am on 3rd August until 2:00 pm on 3rd August
  • Events on August 8, 2014
    Date / Time: 12:00 am on 8th August until 12:00 am on 9th August
  • Events on August 12, 2014
    Date / Time: 12:00 am on 12th August until 12:00 am on 13th August
  • Events on August 17, 2014
    Date / Time: 12:00 am on 17th August until 12:00 am on 18th August