Balakendra of Hampton Roads

Welcome parents, children, and the community of Hampton Roads. Balakendra has been brought to you by a group of volunteers within the community who have dedicated their time, love, and energy to bring a rich, fulfilling and rigorous program which will teach our youth to practice, preserve and cultivate our Indian Culture.


This program will help our children explore, navigate, and understand the diverse traditions and philosophies of India. Balakendra will provide the opportunity for our youth to learn the meaning of spirituality and its effect in life in an intellectual, nurturing, and fun-filled environment. Youth is an integral part of Human Development and this program will surely give them the ability to navigate through life’s challenges find resolution to fulfill their life’s journey.

Balakendra 2017-2018


Registration opens : July 31st 2017 through August 28th 2017


Fees: $85 per Child

Age Groups : Munchkins ( 6-8 years) / Juniors(9-11 years)

Main Activities:
Each class begins with mind refreshing yoga for 30minutes starting at 11:30.
Charity work during holiday season by kids of all ages
Holiday Party
Annual picnic at a central location
Interactive fun games/quizzes at the end of year
Stage performance

For more information please contact Vaishali Patel at, Aarti Sanghavi at or Nandita Padiyar at


Munchkins Class – 2017-2018 Syllabus & Schedule

Juniors Class – 2017-2018 Syllabus & Schedule