Balakendra of Hampton Roads

Our Mission

Is about helping our children explore, navigate and understand India’s diverse traditions and philosophy. They will learn the meaning of life in an intellectual, challenging and fun environment through storytelling, community service projects and festivals. Balakendra can help our children develop the tools they need to take on daily challenges and cultivate positive citizenship.

Balakendra 2024-2025

Registration opens : July 15th 2024 – August 15th 2024


$100 per Child Temple Member
$200 per Child for Non-Temple Member
$85 per Child for Yuva

Age Groups:

Munchkins ( 6-8 years)
Juniors(9-11 years)
Yuva (12-14 years)

Main Acitivites:
Each class begins with mind refreshing yoga for 30 minutes.
Diwali Party
Holiday Party
Celebration with JSM group
Graduation Ceremony
Stage performance (Drama)
Community Charity Work
Balakendra 25th year anniversary celebration

Online Registration Link

For more information please contact Kavita Thombre at or Meetali Chhaya at

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