Yuvakendra of Hampton Roads

Dear Parents,

The purpose of Yuvakendra is to keep the youth engaged in our community and culture and provide them the opportunity to be with their peers.

In this program, we will discuss the topics that impact today’s youth and address various challenges and obstacles that they face or may face from peers, parents and social media and what it means to be an Indian American. We will also talk about Hindu mythological characters, how they relate in today’s time and the importance of our heritage, culture and values in a way that will resonate with the youth. The classes will be conducted once a month beginning September at the temple with the support of guest speakers and will include group discussions, debates, presentations etc. We will also provide volunteering opportunities for our young adults.

We, the Yuvakendra team, look forward to having your child to be a part of this program for the year 2019-2020.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the entire community for their support.

Sincerely ,
Yuvakendra Team

For more information please contact Vaishali Patel at vaish24@hotmail.com or Aarti Sanghavi at asanghavi29@gmail.com.